"Annie Hindel And Amanda Knox!"

In this episode, the ladies chat about how to stay productive with Candy Crush on your phone before they dive into the extraordinary life of drag king, Annie Hindel and the notorious details surrounding accused American killer, Amanda Knox, in Italy.

73- Notorious Women Sisterly Murders And The Wealthy Servant!

In this episode, the ladies talk lady writers and SNL sketches before diving into the gruesome murders committed by the Papin Sisters and the amazing life of indentured servant-turned-wealthy-businesswoman, Mary Ellen Pleasant.

37- Notorious Women First Lady And First Felon!

In this episode, Lavetta welcomes guest co-host, writer and podcaster, Rosalind Jackson into the "She Shed" to discuss First Lady, Melanie Trump and Debra Denise Brown, one of the few female convicted serial killers in America.

27- Notorious Women With A Cigar And A Stained Blue Dress

In this episode, the ladies do some "truth-telling" about the sweetness of children, the merits of Monica Lewinsky in the #MeToo movement and tell a cautionary tale of glamorous socialite, Barbara Daly Baekeland.