Black Women

"Toni Morrison And Jane Elizabeth Manning James!"

In this episode, the ladies talk excitedly about Monica Lewinsky's latest project before diving into the illustrious career of novelist/activist, Toni Morrison and the incredible life of Utah pioneer and Mormon, Jane Elizabeth Manning James.

"Two WOC Walk Into A British Pub!"

On this week's episode, the ladies check in on Miriam's health before diving into the delightful military career of Lilian Bader and the inspiring life of "The Good Place" actress/activist Jameela Jamil.

74- Notorious Women Mary Church Terrell And Ruth Madoff!

This week, the ladies talk the "Twilight Zone" reboot and "accidental" fake Chanel bags before diving into the privileged life of Civil Rights activist and suffragette, Mary Church Terrell and the notorious life of Ruth Madoff.

55- Notorious Women The Congresswoman And The Courtesan!

In this episode, the ladies talk lack of personal space awareness of strange men in public places, the incredible legacy of Shirley Chisholm and the fascinating life of Liu Rushi.

46- Notorious Women The One About Omarosa!

In this special episode - thanks Technical Difficulties -  Lavetta is joined by previous guest co-host, Rosalind Jackson to talk about the recent scandal of former White House employee, Omarosa Manigault-Newman. 

39- Notorious Women The Mother Of June And The Wife Of Wills

In this episode, the ladies muse about the comedy in babies fighting raccoons, the legacy of DJ, journalist and music activist, Dyana Williams and the mystery of Shakespeare's wife, Anne Hathaway.