"Nancy Johnson And Gertrude Baniszewski!"

MIRIAM IS BACK! This week, the ladies discuss the non-transformative nature of motherhood and the hilarious SNL news sketch before diving into the life of ice cream pioneer, Nancy Johnson and the horrific crime of the "Torture Mom," Gertrude Baniszewski.

"Georgia Gilmore And Diahann Carroll!" w/ Re'Becca Alston

On this weeks ep, Lavetta is joined by Re'Becca Alston, host of the popular podcasts, "Crown Talk" and "The Aye Aye Meeting" to discuss the little known life of civil rights activist, Georgia Gilmore and the well-known life of the legendary Diahann Carroll.

"The Mirabal Sisters And Nora Inayat Khan!" w/ Cathy Sackrison

This week, Lavetta is thrilled to be joined by guest co-host, Cathy Sackrison, from the Better With Sisters Podcast as they discuss the remarkable fortitude of the Mirabal Sisters and bravery of WWII hero, Nora Inayat Khan.

"Baby Jessica And Pennie Lane Trumbull!"

This week, the ladies are back to dish on their reality show favorites and phones with long cords before diving into the heartwarming life of Jessica McClure aka "Baby Jessica" and the notorious groupie life of Pennie Lane Trumbull.

"Toni Morrison And Jane Elizabeth Manning James!"

In this episode, the ladies talk excitedly about Monica Lewinsky's latest project before diving into the illustrious career of novelist/activist, Toni Morrison and the incredible life of Utah pioneer and Mormon, Jane Elizabeth Manning James.

"Phillis Wheatley And Leonarda Cianciulli!"

This week, the ladies tackle the inappropriate, yet hilarious legacy of looney tunes before jumping into the extraordinary life of poet Phillis Wheatley and the extraordinary crimes of Leonarda Cianciulli.

"Ernestine Eckstein And Anna Coleman Ladd!"

Even though we've just wrapped #Pride month, we send the month out with a bang. On this week's episode, we discuss the obscure, yet important life of LGBT activist, Ernestine Eckstein; and the amazing post WWI work of sculptor, Anna Coleman Ladd.

"Annie Hindel And Amanda Knox!"

In this episode, the ladies chat about how to stay productive with Candy Crush on your phone before they dive into the extraordinary life of drag king, Annie Hindel and the notorious details surrounding accused American killer, Amanda Knox, in Italy.

"The Original Betty Boop And The Life Guard!"

In this short episode, the ladies talk the notorious details around the original Betty Boop (aka Esther Jones) and the inspiring life of the country's first female life guard, Marge Wehrli Walsh.

"The Gangster Nanny And The First Congresswoman Of Japan!"

On this week's ep, the ladies gush over Netflix's "Always Be My Maybe," before diving into the legend of Jamaica's Queen Nanny and tireless work of Japan's Kato Shizue.